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Reservation Conditions and Agreement

Reservation Conditions and Agreement

Reservation Process

Your pre-reservation is made by specifying the villa/apartment you want to rent and the date you want to rent, and obtaining the necessary information from you. 25% of the total rental villa/apartment reservation fee will be collected as a deposit within 1/3 business days at the latest from the date of the pre-reservation. You can make this payment by bank transfer or EFT, credit card withdrawal or payment methods such as Western Union, Money Gram, and the remaining fee will be collected in cash after the contract is made for the delivery of the villa and the villa is checked and delivered to you.

When the deposit you have made is transferred to our account, a reservation confirmation is sent to you by e-mail, and this confirmation e-mail includes details such as the reservation details you have made, the name of the villa, the deposit amount received, the amount to be paid at the entrance to the villa, which dates have been reserved in your name.

Upon delivery of the villa, after the fixtures, materials, interior and exterior items in the villa are shown to you, a damage deposit in the amount specified in each advertisement is also collected. After the villa is checked by the authorized person on the day of departure, if there is nothing missing, broken, broken or damaged, the money you have paid will be refunded to you. However, if there is a damaged fixture, its cost will be deducted from this money.

Check-in and Check-out at the Villa

Check-in time for the villas/apartments is 15:00 in the afternoon and check-out time is 10:00 in the morning. Villa delivery is made by an authorized person.

Pool and Garden Maintenance

It is done by the person on duty early every morning. The person in charge usually does the work that needs to be done, such as pool and garden maintenance, between 06:00 and 09:00 in the morning. Again, any malfunction etc. during the holiday. If it occurs, it will be reported to us and this fault will be fixed by the authorized person as soon as possible. Our villa is delivered to every customer in clean condition. Sufficient sheets, pillows and towels are ready. For one-week stays, there is no extra interim cleaning; if the customer requests cleaning, it is done for a fee.

Invoice and Tax

There is no other fee other than the 7-night weekly fee stated in all our advertisements. Our prices include cleaning, electricity, pool and garden maintenance, water, etc. is included. The villas and apartments on our website ekiralikvilla.com do not belong to us. The owners of each villa and apartment are different people, individuals and companies. ekiralikvilla.com is the broker that acts as an intermediary to rent the villas and apartments owned by these people to the customer. For this reason, ekiralikvilla.com only issues brokerage invoices. Our company issues intermediary invoices that it is obliged to issue and does not issue invoices for the profits earned by third parties, individuals or companies. It is absolutely not responsible for this and cannot be held responsible.

Customer Responsibilities

Guests are required to use all the belongings and furniture of the villa/apartment they have rented for their holiday in a clean manner and without causing any damage, and they are required to notify our company immediately in case of any negative situation. They are obliged to pay for any damage they cause to the villa/apartment during the holiday and the damage to any belongings they damage before leaving the villa. In addition, guests should avoid any behavior that may disturb the neighbors and the environment around the villa or apartment during their holiday. They will not keep harmful products such as weapons, drugs, explosives that are prohibited by law, they will not shelter legally wanted persons or fugitives in the villa, in short, they cannot use them for any illegal activities that are prohibited by law.

During the reservation phase of the villa and apartment, transactions are carried out in line with the customer's declaration and the customer accepts and undertakes that the information provided is correct. The renter of the villa and apartment is not responsible for any problems arising from incomplete or incorrect information.

Excessive Number of Pets/Cigarettes/Persons

Pets are absolutely not allowed in the villas/apartments. As rentalsinkalkan.com , we have no influence on the situation in which you are not allowed to enter the villa and the full payment is requested due to the pets brought in, which do not pose a problem in cases where they are accepted with the knowledge of your agency and the landlord, and it remains at the discretion of the landlord.

Smoking is prohibited in the villa you rented.

As rentalsinkalkan.com , we do not have the right to speak if incorrect or incomplete information is given about the number of people during the reservation and if the number of people is too high, you are charged an additional fee or you are not allowed to enter the villa, depending on the discretion of the host.

Other Important Information

1-  rentalsinkalkan.com cannot be held responsible if you are dissatisfied with the location of the villas and apartments you have rented. The villas you have rented are marked approximately on Google and Yandex maps. If you do not want to stay for this essential reason, you must make the full payment.

2- rentalsinkalkan.com cannot be held responsible if the roads leading to the Villa/Apartments are stabilized for a certain km from the main road, forest road, dirt road, gravel road. When making a reservation, do not forget to get detailed information from your customer representative.

3- rentalsinkalkan.com is not responsible for the Villas/Apartments rented during the winter season being cold due to adverse weather conditions, power outages, storms, etc. It should be checked from the meteorology directorates and a reservation should be made.

4- It should be taken into consideration that heating problems may occur in villas with heated pools due to power outages or natural events. For these reasons, rentalsinkalkan.com cannot charge a fee. These must be accepted and a reservation must be made.

5- rentalsinkalkan.com is not responsible if insects, ants, bees, flies, etc. appear in the Villa/Apartments due to natural conditions. The possibility of these occurring in a natural environment should be taken into consideration.

6- rentalsinkalkan.com takes into account the rights of our valued customers in the face of problems caused by villa owners in villas/apartments.

7- Customers who make reservations for our Villas/Apartments are deemed to have accepted these terms.

8- There is no generator or power source in the Villa/Apartments unless otherwise stated. Additionally, ekiralikvilla.com is not responsible for customer grievances caused by regional electricity and water outages due to infrastructure deficiencies. In case of such a problem, the homeowners try to provide all the services they can.

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